I go for a walk                  to clear up my mind

drop                                 and walk

Forward   forward             I look to the left           the hemisphere

Backward   backward         I look to the right          the spectacular  

Sometimes       looking above the sky             

up beyond those clouds

Sometimes        looking down at my feet         

The ground        the leaves        the little ones

I feel the ground beneath my feet

I breathe in     breathe in the fresh air     from the back of my feet

I breathe out     breathe out the dream     dream of the present

The earth was shivering               beneath my feet

and I was shivering also

When you dance          on the other side of the sphere

I feel the earth             googly dancing on 

Click      clack     click   …

Tik         tok         tik      …



Once upon a time                                  twice in a lifetime 

when the spirits were vague              suffering from somnia

the night of the owl                                was carved in stone

a weaver finch comes                        weaves the cloth of awe

As black as the crow                                as white as the swan

the lady of the forest                          whispers through the trees

follow no path                                                  let it reveal itself

the greenman answers                      by the sound of the pinecone

The shooting star left a long trail          and glittered in the night sky

we've transcended the spelling                            to our own database

while the conservation work                                  has been completed

everything was built                      by the manner of vertical horizontal

Tranquility it washes the garden                          a warm spring day

they will become links                               for elements are my friends

as the moon governs the water                         with its own reflection

to recite during the rite                                      vibrates its own rhyme

Wrapping around the space                    wrapped around by time

history doesn't repeat itself           pitch black after the stormy day

light years of being                                how the shooting star moves   

 and you will know that                          from their heart and spirit

Pagans spell when they spell.